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The Beauty of All-White Floral Arrangements

They’re elegant, they’re dramatic, they’re sophisticated. All-white floral arrangements bring a subtle statement to any room or table, and for that reason, they will never go out of style. Whether you’re decorating for a white wedding, celebrating a special occasion or simply adding some fresh texture to your home, all-white floral combinations are an often-overlooked way to create a dramatic look. Here is why the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale love the look of white flowers and hope you will too!

When An All-White Floral Arrangement Is Appropriate

All-white floral arrangements make the most beautiful wedding centerpieces, allowing the flowers to work their magic while leaving room for bold bursts of color or understated metallic accents to pop. These beautiful arrangements can also be used symbolically to communicate the purity and beauty of a loved one who is celebrating something special like a quinceanera or sweet sixteen birthday. First communions can also be a beautiful time to feature all-white flowers, as the sanctity of the occasion is reflected in the purity of the blooms. No matter what the occasion, all-white floral arrangements will bring a measure of grace and lovely elegance to any celebration. 

Which Flowers Make the Best All-White Designs

Of course, an all-white floral arrangement is not actually all white. The deep green foliage accompanying the blooms adds to the rich texture of the flowers themselves. Plus many white flowers take on many shares of cream, alabaster, blush and even lime. The real thrill of an all-white floral design, however, comes from the prominent texture that is showcased. The soft edges of calla lilies, the long tendrils of Bells of Ireland and curling rounded petals of white roses all become exaggerated when seen in similar shades. Adding baby’s breath or Queen Anne’s Lace to an all-white design accents the most minute details, while giant heads of white spider mums create a spiky texture that off-sets the softness of other blooms. There is no right or wrong way to combine white flowers. Choose beautiful varieties you love and see how well they play together.

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How to Decorate with White Floral Arrangements

The array of options available with all-white designs inspires us to create a variety of all-white designs for different settings. An elegant dining room, for instance, will be the perfect setting for all-white hydrangea. A rustic country kitchen is a perfect spot for baby’s breath and white button mums. Choose a combination of twigs, berries, and other natural elements to include with white flowers for even more texture. A silver bowl overflowing with white roses and stalks of white snapdragons can be the crowning finish to an elegant living room. When decorating with white flowers, choose blooms that highlight the atmosphere of the room where you’ll be placing them. Adding such drama and sophistication will only bring more personality to any setting. 

No matter how you choose to use all-white floral arrangements in your celebrations or throughout your home, you can trust that the dramatic impact will be evident. Add sophisticated texture and eye-catching elegance to any event or room with all-white floral designs. Talk to the floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale about the best white flowers for your next all-white design. You might be surprised by what you choose!