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How to Prep and Care for Your Special Event Flowers

A lot goes into floral design, from selecting a style to bringing the blooms to life and enjoying them with friends and family. With so much effort and beauty, it’s no secret that we want these flowers to last. While creating a jaw-dropping floral design for a special occasion, event, or home is fun, it also involves patience and time. After searching for the perfect blooms at Cascade Floral Wholesale, the first step is to ensure your flowers live long, healthy lives by prepping your stems. Then, once your blooms have been arranged, and your pieces have been finalized, caring for these fresh stems is just as important as putting them on display. Learn from the experts here at Cascade Floral Wholesale about how to prep and care for your event flowers in six easy steps.

Trim and clean flower stems

1. Give Your Stems a Fresh Cut

Clean the stems by removing any thorns, leaves, and foliage. While this makes the stems easier to work with, it also helps extend their healthy life by eliminating any bacteria living on the foliage. This first step is a win-win!

Next, trim the bottom of your stems at a 45-degree angle to allow them to soak up as much water and floral food as possible. Cutting a straight line across the stems will result in your flowers standing flush at the bottom of your vase, which hinders their ability to hydrate properly.

Hydrate flowers in water and floral food


2. Food & Water

Before jumping into floral design, it’s crucial to prepare a clean bucket of water and flower food to revitalize your blooms. Once cleaned and trimmed, place each stem into the bucket so they can drink up all the healthy goodness and thrive in your designs. Allow your fresh flowers to soak for two-four hours prior to arranging.

Cutting flower stems for design

3. Cut to Size for Your Floral Designs

One can bet that these fresh flowers will be too tall to create a handheld bouquet and certainly too large for a corsage, boutonniere, floral crown, etc. This means you will need to cut your flowers to size by measuring them against any floral foam, oasis, floral hoop, or even your wrist or lapel, depending on your creation. As mentioned, always make your cuts at a 45-degree angle to keep the blooms fresh.

Storing flower arrangement on shelf

4. Store Your Design

After you have created and finalized your floral designs, it’s time to store them before your event. For designs like bouquets that are not already in floral foam or a vase, keep their stems hydrated in miniature vases or floral water tubes. The best places to house your finished products are in a cool space, preferably a flower cooler. However, if you don’t have this luxury, have no fear! Any refrigerator or chilly location will be just fine as long as your flowers are kept away from direct sunlight, drafty areas, and hot climates. You can also cover your floral designs with a damp cloth or plastic wrap to help keep them fresh and hydrated.

Watering Flowers

5. Water Your Flowers 

The easiest way to keep your flowers healthy and thriving before and after an event or occasion is by watering them. While some floral designs are more straightforward to water than others, it is still critical to replenish your blooms with fresh, clean, and cool water every day. For vase arrangements, empty the old, dirty water before adding new water. Floral designs created in foam or oasis can soak up fresh water poured from a watering can. Easy peasy!

Opening flower blossoms

6. Open Your Blooms

If you are creating an arrangement or floral design for immediate use at an event, you want your blooms to be as full and luxurious as possible. If your flowers have yet to fully blossom by the day of your occasion, gently spin the stem between your palms or carefully shake it. Another tactic to expedite the blooming process for your flower is to expose it to direct sunlight or low heat from a blow dryer. Please note that these processes trick your buds into blooming prematurely and, therefore, can accelerate their entire lifespan.

Any event or special occasion would be incomplete without vibrant blooms bursting with celebration and love. Not to mention, nothing is worse than putting in hard work and effort and watching your blooms wilt prematurely. By taking the proper steps and giving your fresh flowers from Cascade Floral Wholesale a little TLC, you and your friends and family can admire and enjoy your floral designs to their fullest potential.