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How to Choose Long-Lasting Blooms

Whether you’re a professional floral designer or just love creating your own arrangements, it’s important to know which flowers will last the longest when cut. Long-lasting flowers will anchor your design and give it substance and longevity, even when more delicate blooms have faded. The floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale have compiled a list of the longest-lasting flowers around, so you can stop wondering and start enjoying your new arrangement. Choose any of the following flowers for your bouquet to keep the fresh, pretty design looking great as long as possible. 

Zinnia flower


Considered the number one longest lasting flower, zinnias can remain gorgeous for up to 24 days. Be sure to change their water every two days to help these beauties experience their longest life possible.

purple orchid

Orchids (or anything tropical)

Among long-lasting tropical flowers, Cymbidium orchids tend to be the most enduring. While most tropical flowers, known for their hardiness and resistance to harsh conditions, can be expected to last up to two weeks, orchids tend to stay beautiful closer to three weeks. Trimming stems and changing the water every two days is a must for keeping these beauties thriving. 

pink carnation


Don’t let their common appearance fool you- carnations can add a delicate, lasting beauty to any home. Their paper-thin petals and amazing array of colors bring life to any arrangement and are often the last to disappear from a mixed bouquet. The trick to keeping carnations beautiful as long as possible is to strip their stems, ensuring that no foliage remains below the surface. This will remove bacteria from the water, giving carnations their best chance at a long life. 

blue delphinium


Bringing a beautiful blue or purple hue to your arrangement, these line flowers stand out or stand-alone. When properly cared for, delphinium will last up to two weeks. However, be sure to keep them away from fresh produce. The gasses produced by fruits and vegetables are damaging to delphinium and will cause them to wilt prematurely. 

Yellow mums


There are so many varieties of chrysanthemums that can be enjoyed for two to three weeks when proper care is given. However, proper care for them is a bit more intensive than most. The water for chrysanthemums must be changed daily to preserve freshness. Another trick to keeping these blooms gorgeous as long as possible is to trim their stems regularly. This allows the flowers to absorb fresh water and stay bright and fresh. 

oranage alstroemeria


This is a beautiful and versatile flower that can enhance any bouquet or simply stand alone. Hardy and colorful, alstroemeria typically last up to 2 weeks. Try the English-grown variety for even better results and longer-lasting vivacity.

purple gladiolas


These tall, dramatic blooms can last up to 10 days in water that is being refilled and refreshed daily. They are thirsty stalks, so keeping them hydrated is important. While 10 days doesn’t sound as impressive as some of the other 2-3 week time frames, remember that most cut flowers only make it about 5 days when properly cared for. These bright, colorful samples of spring will freshen and update any space immediately, giving you big bang for your buck.

Including lasting flowers in your bouquets will create happy customers and recipients of your blooms. Plus you’ll have the satisfaction of enjoying your own designs much longer. All of these long-lasting flowers can be created in an arrangement by themselves, or as anchor pieces with more short-lived varieties. Either way, long-lasting flowers provide a lingering touch that will bring joy and cheer to all who see them. To learn more about long-lasting flowers, talk to the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale. We’re happy to introduce you to a new favorite or help you find long-lasting blooms you’ll love.