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Choosing the Right Types of Flowers for Gifting to Anyone

Flowers convey a variety of emotions and are proven to lift spirits and brighten the recipient’s day. But what types of flowers should you send to which people? The floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale have some great suggestions about what to send to whom and how to make sure you’re celebrating special moments with thoughts that truly count.

Flowers for Your Mom or Sister

Those special women in your life deserve to know you’re thinking about them from time to time. When your mom or sister has a birthday or other special occasion, a bright mix of colorful blooms can be a sweet way to show you care. Combinations of roses, sunflowers, carnations, and other cheerful flowers are sure to brighten their special day. 

peach violet and pink assorted flowers in vase
Beautiful Arrangement of Flowers in Vase

Flowers for your Best Friend

She’s stuck with you through thick and thin, she’s the one you go to first, and she knows all your secrets. Show your best friend how much you think of her when you choose her favorite blooms in her favorite color. A great tradition to start is sending her favorites every time she has an occasion. That way, every time she gets a promotion, has a birthday, or suffers a loss, she’ll know those pink tulips or purple orchids are from you before she even looks at the card. The meaning behind the gesture will stay with her as long as your friendship. 

Orange garden roses
Orange Garden Roses

Flowers for your Partner

Sometimes being romantic starts with a well-timed floral delivery. The drama of a single rose or other exotic bloom can often mean more than a boisterous display. Choose a color that’s meaningful to both of you and make sure your timing is impeccable. Celebrate an unexpected anniversary (like three years since the day you met) with flowers that match her personality sent to her work. Make sure your awesome first date is followed-up with a beautiful bouquet of something sweet, like daisies or sunflowers, before you’ll see her next!

Mixed Bouquet of Blooms
Mixed Bouquet of Blooms

Flowers for your Boss

Sometimes it’s appropriate to send flowers to your higher-ups. When a deal goes well, for their birthday, or simply to celebrate Bosses Day, let them know you appreciate how hard they work with an appropriate floral arrangement. Something stately like lilies, hydrangea, or a tropical arrangement of orchids and birds of paradise, will look great in the office while maintaining a level of professionalism. 

Exotic Floral Arrangement with red roses and greenery
Exotic Floral Arrangement

Find all the flowers you need for all the important people in your life at Cascade Floral Wholesale. The blooms you choose and send convey a particular message, so give a little thought to the occasion as well as the individual before choosing the perfect blooms. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and when you give a little thought to your choice of flowers, your friends and loved ones will truly love how well you’ve thought of them.