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All About the Delightful Daisy

Spring is finally here and its arrival is never more prevalent than when we start to see daisies popping up everywhere! These bright, cheerful blooms are the quintessential symbol that spring has arrived, but they also symbolize a rich history worldwide. Hailed as the oldest known flower in recorded history, there is evidence that the Ancient Egyptians grew daisies in their own gardens for medicinal purposes. Used throughout the world to heal everything from coughs and fevers to dermatological conditions and topical wounds, this amazing little flower brings a lot to the table. The floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale are excited to provide you with the best and brightest daisies spring has to offer. Once you learn more about these innocent blooms, you’ll want to get your hands on a few yourself!

Descriptions and Varieties

Since daisies open their petals each morning to greet the sun, their name actually came from the phrase “day’s eye.” The dark, prominent center is surrounded by symmetrical white or brightly colored petals, giving this flower a cheerful appearance that can only make someone smile. Part of the sunflower family, these beauties are originally from South Africa, but can now be found in every corner of the world. Hybrid versions are very easy to create and account for a large portion of the world’s flower market. Cute enough to stand alone or in a monochromatic bouquet, daisies also play well with others and can be combined with many other varieties of flowers, including roses, lilies, sunflowers, and tropical blooms for a fresh, spirited appearance. 

Yellow Pom Daisies

Historical Meaning of Daisies

Not only do daisies indicate the beginning of spring, but they also represent all things innocent, certain and modest. For those with birthdays in April, a beautiful bouquet of daisies in their favorite colors will bring positive vibes and best wishes for the coming year. Throughout history, daisies have been known for their healing properties and prophetic qualities. King Henry VIII, while quite athletic in his youth, consumed daisies later in life to heal stomach ulcers and gout. In Victorian England, petals were picked off daisies as young lovers sought to know if their love was returned with “He loves me, he loves me not” chanted at each pull of a petal. Young girls also played a game of gathering a handful of daisies to determine how many years until they were married. Daisies have certainly carried a lot of meaning for different cultures throughout history!

White Pom Daisy

While there are many varieties of daisies available now, Gerbera daisies are hailed as the favorite. Available in every color imaginable, these hybrids were first developed in California and have come to be hailed as the premiere symbol of happiness and cheerfulness among flowers. When you give someone daisies in April, you offer them wishes of good fortune, happiness, and pleasure- all beautiful sentiments to send a friend or loved one. 

Red Gerbera Daisy

Be sure to celebrate April by sending and displaying gorgeous varieties of daisies. Include them in spring-time bouquets, let them stand alone to represent a sweet innocence, or give them in giant bouquets for tons of cheerful spirit. No matter how you choose to fill your world with daisies, April is the month to do it and no one has better daisies or more varieties than Cascade Floral Wholesale. Share with us your plans for daisies this spring and we’ll gladly help you find the materials and blooms you need to make this season even brighter!