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7 Flower Arranging Mistakes to Avoid

Arranging your own florals of fresh-cut stems from the florist, or from your garden, is a great way to decorate your home or make an event go from ordinary to extraordinary. Unless you are a retired floral designer, though, you may need a few helpful tips on how to create a beautiful arrangement sure to stun and please. Here at Cascade Flower Shop, we’ve got a few tips for you to follow and mistakes to avoid when designing your floral bouquet. 

Flower Vase

  1. Using too many different types of flowers. We get it – there are so many beautiful flowers! It’s hard to choose just a few to work with. But try to focus on those few blooms which really speak to you. When choosing lush, showstoppers like roses, dahlias, and peonies, be sure to combine these bigger blooms with a few additional varieties that will complement them. 
  2. Using too many different colors. Who doesn’t love bright colors? Yellows, oranges, reds, blues, purples…. they are all wonderful! But, if you’re trying to create a pleasing and cohesive arrangement, stick with shades that complement rather than compete with each other. Successful floral arrangements have some sort of transition bringing colors, shapes, and textures together. Keep your bouquet interesting by incorporating shades of one color as well as a variety of blooms with different shapes and textures. 
  3. Not cutting the stems at an angle. Cutting stems at a 45-degree angle allows for the maximum amount of area in which they can drink up water. Do this before you place them in a vase of water as well as every few days to avoid the growth of bacteria.  
  4. Perfect Symmetry. For a more natural and wild vibe, create an asymmetrical design instead of a perfectly symmetrical one. Place seasonal branches, foliage, and sprigs at different angles to create an interesting and eye-catching asymmetrical arrangement. 
  5. Loosely arranged blooms. Having “clusters” of blooms in your arrangement makes it more interesting. For some, the magic number is three. Having elements pulled together in clusters of three naturally draws your eye to it. Creating clusters at the edge of your vase creates an extra wow factor.
  6. Forgetting to remove the leaves. Any leaves or foliage that fall below the water line of the vase need to be removed. Otherwise, they will cause bacterial growth that can damage the blooms. 
  7. Not changing the water. Don’t make it and then forget it. Your gorgeous arrangement of blooms needs regular care to stay vibrant, fresh-looking, and beautiful. Change the water in the vase every other day and nourish them with a little flower food to keep them happy. 

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Follow the above tips for designing a floral masterpiece sure to stun and impress your friends and family. And, for a great selection of fresh, high-quality blooms, be sure to check out Cascade’s catalog of flowers to get you started on creating your very own beautiful arrangement.