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Why We Love Spider Mums

What Are Spider Mums?

Spider Mums are a type of chrysanthemum and can be found all over the world. They are a perennial plant that probably originated in China as the chrysanthemum did. Spider mums are an example of the standard Chyrsathemum with each stem producing a single large bloom.   Florists love spider mums for their exotic beauty, range of lovely colors, and various symbolism. Plus, they have a long vase-life, which is typically three weeks when the stems are regularly cut and given fresh water. 

Spider Mums Characteristics

Spider mums are easily identifiable by their elongated, spindly petals that surround a spherical head of tightly packed skinny petals. The slender tube-like petals resemble the lanky legs of spiders which is how it got its name. Spider mums grow in colors such as red, white, pink, yellow, orange, lavender, and green. 

Also called the Fuji mum, there are several different types of spider mums that grow in different colors and sizes. A typical spider mum bloom ranges about 6 inches across. Spider mums have a spicy, earthy fragrance that is light and pleasant. 

Spider Mums Meaning

Spider mums take on different meanings based on their context, whether they are in a wedding bouquet, sympathy bouquet, or romantic bouquet. 

Weddings: Due to their unique shape, wide range of bright colors, and charming appeal, spider mums are frequently seen in wedding arrangements and bridal bouquets. When headed down the aisle, the spider mum frequently means liveliness and joy. If they are white, they also symbolize purity and truth. 

Elopement: An outdated, but fun, tradition of someone showing up on your doorstep personally delivering a package of white spider mums means they want you to elope with them. 

Sympathy: When used in sympathy bouquets or funeral arrangements, spider mums represent peace. In Europe and other countries, mums symbolize death, and spider mums often adorn the graves of loved ones. 

There are many diverse meanings spider mums, and all mums in general, take on in different cultures. In China, mums are particularly revered as they symbolize long life and good fortune. Those who live in Great Britain see mums as a symbol of happiness, joy, and longevity. In the U.S., mums represent happiness, health, and friendship.

Spider Mum Uses

Spider mums add wonderful texture, charm, and color to any arrangement. They are versatile enough to pair well with most other flowers. When grouped together in a vase with only other spider mums, it’s absolutely stunning. Spider mums make a great gift for any occasion! 

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