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Miniature succulent plants (succulent cactus) at the garden

How to Decorate Your Home with Succulents

Succulents are appealing, colorful plants that add charm and chic living decor to any space. Their thick, fleshy leaves and interesting shapes make them particularly decorative and eye-catching. These hardy plants are easy to take care of and can survive moderate amounts of neglect. Succulents easily adjust to low lighting and humidity levels, so they are perfect for new plant parents or those who travel a lot. If you want to add some greenery and touches of chic decor to your home, then decorate with succulents! 

Here at Cascade Floral Wholesale, we list 8 ideas for sprucing up your interior with succulents. 

Arrangement of red green Echeveria and Zebra plant succulent flowering houseplants in square pot planter and sunlight shadow background

How to Make Decorative Succulent Containers


Clay pot of various of flowering echeveria, sedum succulent plants centerpieces beside window

Mix of green echeveria, crassula succulent plant centerpiece arrangement in blue ceramic pot on white table top ,blue background

Add succulents to ornate bowls or thrift shop finds for wonderfully unique table centerpieces.

Colorful DIY round concrete pot with beautiful green, pink and red succulent plants decoration on a white wooden shelf on white wall background near glass window. Four unique painted cement planters.

Three cute face ceramic plant pots with red and green succulent plants on white wooden shelf isolated on white wall background with copy space. Small modern DIY cement planter trendy decoration.

Fill small decorative pots with one succulent each for an eye-catching artsy display perfect for a shelf or windowsill. 

Geometric glass florarium vase with succulent plants and small cacti in a concrete geometric pots on wooden rack. Small garden with miniature cactuse, echeveria, crassula. House indoor plants.

mini succulent garden in glass terrarium

Fill a geometric terrarium with succulents for an interesting contrast of sharp lines and soft curves. 

Wall arrangment of cacti and other plants on white wall outside.

Add succulents to small planters that attach to the wall for a colorful and instant wall art decor. 

Colorful cactus wreath hanging on rustic wooden wall.

Add succulents to a wreath to hang on your front door. With a few seasonal elements, such as sunflowers, fall leaves, and greenery, you’ll have the most interesting fall wreath in the neighborhood. Succulents work with any seasonal decor, too. 

The succulent terrarium in a white porcelain cup pot

House plants grown in recycled mugs, tea cups, sugar bowl and tea pot displayed in sunny window, recycle, reuse, upcycle for sustainable living and gardening.

Repurpose all those unused coffee cups in your cupboard by filling them with succulents. Cute and ornate, you’ll wish you’d thought of this sooner. 

The succulent terrarium in a glass vase

Mini-succulents in glass terrariums.

If you have an old fish bowl lying around, fill it with various colorful succulents instead of fish. Succulents will last much longer and won’t need as much care!

Succulent terrarium planted in a pine tree bark

Various types of succulent cactus plant in wooden box

Find an interesting piece of wood or log with a hollow space and add succulents to it to bring it to life in a new decorative manner. You can do the same with an old wooden box, such as a cigar box, to create a colorful display of ornate succulents. 

Cactus pot. Concrete pot. Two modern geometric concrete planters with painted with succulents plant on white wooden shelf isolated on white wall background.

Any decorative pot or item you find with a hollow space can hold succulents. Get creative! Find attractive bowls, cups, dishes, or other decorative items at a thrift shop or in your garage. The shapes and sizes of things into which you put succulents vary greatly, which makes them versatile to fit any room or space. From table centerpieces, coffee table decor, hanging planters, shelves, and windowsills, there are plenty of spaces and areas these lovely little plants will enhance. 

Tips for Planting Succulents 

  • For small pots, you’ll want succulents that are slow growers indoors. Types like Haworthias, Sempervivums, Echeverias, Crassulas, and Gasterias are great options. A small pot is typically 7 inches or less in diameter.
  • Make sure the pot you select has drainage holes.
  • Find a potting soil specifically for succulents, such as a Cactus Mix. It should be light, well aerated, and has good drainage.
  • To keep the succulent and pot size in scale, select a pot no larger than one and a half sizes larger than the size of the succulent. 
  • Pour soil into the pot until the succulent sits above the pot’s rim. 
  • If you want the look of tightly-packed succulents, place each succulent close to one another in a manner that looks good to you. Just keep the base of the plants sitting above the rim of the pot.
  • Do not water your succulents immediately after potting. Wait about a week before they have their first drink; this will ensure any roots damaged during the potting process have healed.
  • Use a squeeze bottle with an angled straw or long narrow tip to water tightly packed succulents to ensure the water gets into the soil and not all over the place.
  • Small succulents in small pots will require more frequent watering as there is not much soil to retain the moisture, and they can dry out quickly.