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Flower arrangement with peacock feathers

Flowers in Unique Places: Styling Your Home or Event with Unexpected Blooms

Flowers have the power to transform any space into a lush oasis, including the interior of your home for your next event or party. And by choosing to buck the norm and opt for unexpected arrangements, you can infuse your space with an incredibly luxe and unique ambiance. So don’t be afraid to go beyond red roses in centerpieces; many other options lend sophistication and originality to a room. The floral experts here at Cascade Floral Wholesale in Everett, Washington will provide you with everything you need to create artistic and aesthetically unique floral arrangements that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Pink and green flower arrangement

Embrace Unconventional Flower Arrangements

Perhaps the easiest way to level up your creativity is to break away from traditional bouquets and explore asymmetry, varying heights, and contrasting textures to create an artistic and modern look. Unconventional arrangements can be achieved by grouping flowers of different sizes and shapes together or incorporating unexpected elements such as lighting, beadwork, or even feathers. Don’t be afraid to experiment and let your artistry bloom.

Flowers in teapot

Explore Vessel Options That Break The Mold

Another easy yet essential key to creating unique floral displays is to think beyond traditional vases; countless vessel options can elevate the aesthetic of your arrangements. Consider using vintage bottles, repurposed drinking glasses, ceramics you sculpt yourself, or vessels made of vines or branches. The container you choose can add character and charm to the overall aesthetic, making the arrangements even more unique.
Bathroom decorated with flowers and plants

Nature-Inspired Bathrooms That Infuse The Space With Life

Surprise guests by bringing the beauty of nature into your bathrooms with fresh flowers. Transform these spaces into serene retreats by adding small vases or hanging plants with delicate and verdant blooms. You can also place a simple arrangement of wildflowers on the bathroom vanity or hang eucalyptus branches from the shower head for a refreshing and fragrant experience. If you can do so safely, adorn light fixtures with floral wreaths to bring in an element of lighting design.
Flowers installed on wall

Blooms as Texture Boosting Wall Art

Why limit flowers to vases when you can turn them into sophisticated wall art? Embrace your DIY prowess by designing floral-based pieces to add dimension to the room’s vertical space. For example, you can create a floral wreath using dried or preserved flowers and hang it as a focal point in your living room or bedroom. You can also decorate the walls with fresh flower installations for an even more unexpected aesthetic element.
Yellow flowers hanging with bottles

Suspended Floral Installations To Add Floral Magic

For those looking to add a touch of magic to their home, consider incorporating suspended floral installations. These creative displays can instantly usher in whimsy and glamour. For a simpler option, hang flower-filled glass orbs from the ceiling to create captivating focal points in your living room or dining area. Alternatively, construct a vertical garden using hanging planters filled with vibrant, cascading blooms.

Let the flower gurus at Cascade Floral Wholesale help you turn your home into a verdant and beautiful nature scape highlighted by unexpected blooms.