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Easy Floral Decor Ideas: Cake Edition

One of the freshest ways to present your wedding cake is with fresh flowers. And if you’re sourcing from us here at Cascade Floral Wholesale, you’ll have plenty of pretty petals to work with. Even if your cake is styled to the hilt with frosted florals, the fresh kind can introduce more texture and interest. Before you decorate, remember to select flowers that aren’t toxic (you can find a good list of edible ones here), and make sure they’ve been trimmed and washed. Once you’ve done your due diligence, you’re ready to DIY to your heart’s content. Here’s how:

Keep It Simple

Pull one or two statement flowers from the bridal bouquet or table flowers to adorn your cake. Nestle here and there in between layers, or top with a flourish of blooms and greens. A minimal approach allows the cake work to shine but also connects its look to the overall design of your wedding. The pink and white wedding shoot (above) was a compilation of hard work by Lloyd Photographers, Simply Sweet Cupcakes, EVENTful Moments, Champagne and Chalk and Flora D’Amore Floral Artistry. The following was a winter photo shoot by Amy Lewis Photography, EVENTful Moments, Hey-Sweets, CORT Party Rentals and Flora D’Amore Floral Artistry at Hidden Meadows in Snohomish, WA.

Compose A Small Scene   

Cupcakes and smaller confections are a popular alternative to the traditional layer cake when it comes to modern weddings. These smaller goodies may not be able to support a big flower like a peony or a rose, but they look just divine when studded with teensy petals and herbs. A sprig or two of one of your smaller bouquet or table flowers is all you need to create a magical-looking tray of goodies. 

Crown Your Cake

Creating floral crowns for your wedding? You might as well garland your cake, too. A simple circle of greenery set off by a few soft flowers lends an earthy. organic vibe to even the most elegant of cakes. 

Make It About The Flowers

Forgo iced flowers, frosting, or detailed cake decoration altogether in favor of flowers. Here, the florals do all of the work, wrapping up the sides of a simple white cake. This look is perfect for a garden, greenhouse, or botanical-themed wedding, where the emphasis is on natural beauty.