12″ Canal Planter

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The Canal Planter is made of a durable fiber clay. Fiber clay is a lightweight material made of fiberglass that has been combined with clay and composite.  There are a few colors offered, a natural gray concrete or a stained black or white concrete.

This planter is custom made to fit the width of a standard brick of Oasis for centerpiece floral design work. They are also perfect for shallow dish gardens and succulents.

The Canal Planter is available in 3 sizes and 3 colors.

Colors Available:

 Black Concrete

White Concrete

Gray Concrete

Size of Container:

Outside Measurements are: 12″ Length x 5″ Width x 2.5″ Depth

Inside Measurements are: 11″ Length x 3.75″ Width x 1.75″ Depth

Product Notes:

If placing Canal Planter on a hard surface, it is recommended to raise on padded feet to protect the surface. Drainage can be added by drilling into the bottom of the container with a wood/metal drill bit. Duct taping the intended area before drilling is suggested.  The Canal Planter is not waterproof, so we recommend lining it with heavy- duty plastic or sealing with an acrylic sealer before putting in water or oasis. Take caution moving Canal Planter once it has been filled with soil, oasis or other materials, since added weight can put a strain on the planter.

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